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Click here to view the table of contents from the current issue. The 2017 editorial can be viewed online for free: “Globalization and Its Discontents.”

Current issue of Acta Musicologica

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Acta Musicologica adheres to a double-blind peer-reviewing policy. The identities (and affiliations) of the authors and reviewers are concealed from each other. We send each submission in an anonymous form to two reviewers and contact the authors again as soon as we receive their reports.

Initial Review

Before being sent out for formal review, all submitted manuscripts are initially checked by the editorial team to determine whether they meet the Acta editorial criteria. Manuscripts are rejected promptly if they are judged inappropriate with regard to our formal criteria. 

Selecting Referees

The editors select at least two referees on the basis of their expertise in the article's topic, the author-selected keywords, and, if possible, the suggestions and exclusions provided by the author. Reviewers are asked to abide strictly by the “COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers”. Acta is committed to timely editorial decisions and reviews and expects the review procedure to be finished within six to eight weeks from submission.

Review Criteria

To be considered for publication in Acta, a manuscript must meet a high standard of criteria. Referees are asked to evaluate a paper according to the following major aspects:

  • Relevance and originality: Is the paper’s topic of current relevance? Is the paper also understandable and of interest to readers who are not specialists in the article’s topic? Does the paper make a major scientific contribution that breaks new ground?
  • Formal correctness: Does the author follow Acta’s policies and guidelines?
  • Sources and references: Are references provided appropriately? Are the online sources reliable?
  • Language and style: Is the writing style correct and clear?

On the basis of these criteria, reviewers are asked to forward a final reasoned recommendation that will be the basis for the editors’s decision to publish a paper:

  • Acceptable in present form and recommended for publication
  • Acceptable with minor corrections; no further review necessary
  • Requires moderate or major revision and a second review
  • Not acceptable


The editors do not pass on any reviewer’s identity either to the author or to other reviewers. Neither do they reveal the author’s name to a reviewer. Although authors and reviewers are asked to not reveal their names to each other, both parties nevertheless may independently decide to identify themselves to the other.